In 2011, I moved to the Blue Ridge mountains to physically detox from a physical, mental, and emotional drug addiction. My daily habits included energy drinks, a pack of cigarettes, and as little movement as possible. Over the past four years of my recovery, I have navigated an imperfect, confusing, and beautiful journey toward health that I am still traveling. After confronting my addiction, eating disorder, mood disorder, unhealthy diet, cigarette habit, and lack of exercise, I’ve learned that health is subjective; health is multi-faceted and ever-changing.

My healthy living isn’t about unattainable goals, restriction, or self-punishment. My healthy living is made up of small daily changes, cups of good coffee, long solo hikes in the Blue Ridge mountains, gratitude, positive vibes, waking up early, 3 square meals a day, sobriety, sleeping 8 hours, rest days, hula hoops, kettlebells, muscle gains, self-love, pizza slices, inner peace, mental health, vulnerability, body positivity, meditation, ice water, hip opening yoga, outdoor adventures, setting boundaries, healthy relationships, intuition, turning off my phone for a day, owning mistakes, imperfection, constant learning, alone time, sunshine, fresh air, authenticity, positive self-talk, seasonal vegetables, empathy, trying new things, saying sorry, helping others, travel, cooking at home, simplicity over excess, balance over extremes, trusting others, loving others, forgiveness, self-forgiveness, letting go, listening, self-care, feminism, starting over, taking life 24 hours at a time. What’s your healthy living?

Be kind. Live authentically. Practice gratitude. Hustle daily. Work hard. Stay humble.

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